Terms & Conditions

  1. Visa application processing will commence once all required documentation is completed, and all payments are cleared.
  2. Ensure that all documents provided are genuine and not forged. Strict actions may be taken against any falsified documents.
  3. Visas are issued as single entry or multiple entries based on their respective nature.
  4. It is recommended to apply for your visa at least 5-7 days before your intended arrival. We require 5 working days to process your visa. In the event of an application being on hold with the Immigration Department, the approval may take an additional 2 working days.
  5. Visa processing occurs on working days, from Monday to Friday only.
  6. Before applying for a visa, please confirm that the applicant does not hold an active Residence or Tourist Visa for the UAE. Applying for a tourist visa in such cases will result in rejection, and the visa fee will not be refunded.
  7. Visa approval is at the sole discretion of the Immigration Officials and not Karishma Tourism. We cannot guarantee the approval of all visa applications. Once your Visa Application is submitted to the Immigration Department, the Visa Application Fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether it is approved, rejected, or if you are unable to travel to the UAE.
  8. If your Visa Application is rejected, we will request the Immigration Department to provide a reason for your reference and records.
  9. Once the Visa is approved, we will send you a copy via email or WhatsApp since the visa is electronic. You must print the visa copy, and upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the passport control section. There is no need for the original copy.
  10. If any guest overstays more than 4 days, the immigration reserves the right to issue an Afraj fine of any amount. In such cases, we will send you the slips for payment, and you are liable to pay us immediately.
  11. It is essential to advise your passengers to exit on time or before the visa expiration to avoid overstay and absconding cases.
  12. Verify the details on the visa with the passport. In case of any discrepancy, please inform us within 2 working days. Failure to report discrepancies within 2 working days will be deemed acceptance of the visa as correct, and Karishma Tourism LLC will not be responsible for any inconveniences caused.
  13. Any crimes committed during the traveler’s visit, who is sponsored by us, will be dealt with by the UAE Police Department. If the traveler is imprisoned and shows overstay in the Immigration Systems, the guarantor will be liable to pay all the charges incurred.
  14. For Abu Dhabi/Sharjah visa applications, prices may vary. For some nationalities, a security deposit may be required, which will be fully refunded once the traveler has LEFT THE COUNTRY.
  15. Our company is not responsible for travelers with medical problems. If you wish to purchase travel insurance for the traveler, kindly inform us in advance before applying for the visa.
  16. In case the traveler does not exit the country within the allocated time period and is classified as an overstay, a penalty of 125 AED per day will be charged.
  17. For further information on visas, please contact us at +971521276908

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